Tips for Picking a Picture Frame

While you may see them as a simple way to hang up memories and mementos, the picture frames you use to decorate the walls in your home should match the d├ęcor. Picture frames westmont il professionals provide can allow you to decorate your home with elegance instead of just using random frames from discount stores or the hobby department.

Look at Undertones

The paint that decorates your walls is likely a mix of several different colors that have been mixed together. This means that each shade has a dominant tone and then an undertone. The undertone is what you should use to decorate the interior of your home. Use a paint swatch to find out what tones you’re working with and choose your frames. Silver frames dent to look good with cooler undertones while gold can be used with warmer undertones.

Black & White Are Neutral

The colors black and white may be simple, but they are also versatile. The way you pair these colors together depends on your preference, but you can create a look of sophistication in your home using just these two colors. Black frames could add a hint of flair to your home and give your walls a sharp look. You can pair black or white frames with different wall colors and interior furniture, depending on how experimental you’re trying to be.

Look Beyond Walls

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While the color of your walls is a factor, you shouldn’t leave out the rest of the elements in your home. Look at the floors, tiles, molding, even the color of your countertops and furniture to figure out what frames you should have on your walls.

A picture frame may be a simple addition to the home, but it could create a dramatic effect depending on how it is used.