Palletizing Your Organic Green Garden

This is just one of the many suggestions that your organically oriented landscape gardening curator may be proposing to you. To explain, a brief demonstration can be given in an online video. In the meantime, a brief word or two about this and other things related to the organic gardening landscape. By dint of its name, the pallet of st augustine is perhaps ideal for the city and suburban landscape.

pallet of st augustine

What this means is that pallets can be erected in small, constricted yards that may not even have enough space to place soil in it and cultivate gardens already a tradition within sprawling suburban residential neighborhoods. But the pallet idea is good for these neighborhoods too. One very good reason why pallets are being erected is to keep newly seeded organic beds as free of weeds as possible.

Because these beds are organic no pesticides of any sort will be used. And in doing so, traditionally laid out organic gardens are more vulnerable to weed invasions and other pest-like infringements that are always damaging to the garden environment. Particularly good for city dwellers, the pallet idea is perfect for the planting of organic vegetables. There is another advantage to using a pallet-like structure.

Organic gardening means a lot of toil. After the landscapers have laid your structured foundations and left your building, you may find yourself still having to do a bit of gardening work. But it need not be hard toil. Call this a raised idea then. You do not need to bend over. You do not need to be on hands and knees when you do your organic gardening, because the pallet is a raised foundation at a height slightly higher than your usual table height. But if standing is a problem for you, oh well.