Foods to Feed a Large Crowd

Whether you are officially catering an event or just feeding a large crowd of people, you’ll need some quick food items that make crowds happy. The foods you can pick from remains the same whether you order out or make them yourself, so you’ll have things to choose from.

No matter what, the food needs to be easy to make, and easy to eat. That’s the only rule, and you can probably think up a few meals that match these criteria. Here are some of the best tips for feeding a crowd, whether it’s small, or the biggest one in the world.

biggest one in the worldprovide food for your guests

Breakfast on a Budget

Making breakfast meals like scrambled eggs or pancakes is easy, and you can easily expand the recipe to accommodate a large crowd. You can also make smoothies, fruit salads, or even toast without much effort, and then let your guests customize the meals to their liking. Making a couple of large frittatas or casseroles can also feed a group in a pinch.

Whenever possible, you want to make one big item that can be shared over several smaller items that can’t be.

Appetizers for the Win

Unless you have been specifically tasked with hosting a large dinner party, then try to make time work for you. If you are the one catering a two-hour meeting or half day birthday party, then know that most people aren’t doing to sit down for a full meal. The food is more of an add-on to all of the fun your guests will have mingling together.

So, make hors d’oeuvres, finger foods, or customizable options with small plates that people can carry with them as they chat. Often people at these types of parties eat enough small food to feel full by the end, and it’s cheap for both your wallet and your time.

Go Big, and Cut it Up

There’s a reason most people turn to sandwiches when it comes time to provide food for your guests, Buying or making 2 or 3 big submarine sandwiches and cutting them up can easily feed a small crowd, or just buy a couple inexpensive turkey or chicken sandwiches and lay out some condiments so they can be customized by the guests.

Or make something like a cake, pasta dish, or salad that can be portioned out and shared. If you go big, then everyone can go home happy and full.

Don’t Overdo It

No one wants to make or order too little at a catering event, but making or ordering too much can be a nightmare of extra costs and hours in the kitchen. So, it’s important to have an understanding of how many people will be there, and what the average portion size is for the meal you are making. Find that out and then make a little extra for emergencies.

There are plenty of catering tips online to help you portion out your meals, but it’s important to have knowledge of how many people will be attending your event.